Maciej Lenc

|> Senior Software Developer

Hello! I'm Maciej, an independent software developer based in the welcoming city of Newcastle (UK). I help businesses solve their problems using mainly Python and its ecosystem.

Hire me?

I'm available full-time/part-time for remote contract work through my Limited Company registered in England.
My areas of interest or expertise include Python and its rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Beyond Python, I have moderate experience in Elixir, Ruby (on Rails) or modern JavaScript. I know a thing or two about PostgreSQL, Nginx, Go, Redis, etc. I have experience working in Agile environments (Scrum/Kanban) .
Need a bugfix in legacy system? Software performance issues? Code refactoring? Engineering disasters? I can help!
Looking for rapid prototyping? Django web development? Systems and database architecture? I can help too!

Recent projects?

    Client: PREDICITY Sàrl
  • I was recommended to Predicity as an experienced software engineer to design and build a new Python web application to measure the benefits of fragrance products.
  • I work closely with a team of four data scientists, providing insight and guidance on best practices and workflows in Python. I also implemented coding standards and various CI/CD processes to enhance code quality.
  • "Maciej is a very organised, precise and experienced developer with clear communication skills and urgency of requests. He got started very quickly on our projects. He's also a good mentor with excellent patience and is always willing to help others."
    Marc Atallah, Founding Partner, PREDICITY
    Client: Y (confidential)
  • I architected web management software for health practitioners using Elixir and the Phoenix framework. The platform allows practitioners to manage their patients, appointments, and treatment notes, among other things needed to simplify admin work associated with running a health clinic.
  • A personal project that I created after reading "Deep Work" by Cal Newport — it helps you to plan weekly schedule time without distrations. Written in Elixir (Phoenix framework).

Contact me?
Email is the easiest way to get in touch with me. I'll usually respond fairly quickly, often within 24 hours.
Feel free to also reach out through my public profiles: GitHub or LinkedIn.
Please note: The above email is a randomly generated address that I change regularly to prevent spam. When I reply to your email, it will come from my actual email address so we will be able to converse.
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